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When you need the services provided by a funeral home, you will want and need to look for a firm with experience and a full range of options. Davenport Funeral Home is a top provider in the industry in and around Clemson, South Carolina. With more than 70 years of history, Davenport Funeral Home has been closely involved in designing healing experiences. They serve generations of families and individual deathcare needs surrounding funeral and cremation in Clemson, SC.

Davenport Funeral Home was originally founded in 1949. Until 1991 the ownership passed through the Davenport family line. When the last of the Davenports passed away, a longtime partner stepped forward to buy out the firm and continue to build the legacy of compassion and competent deathcare service provider. Mr. Hendrix and his wife continue to be an integral part of the day-to-day operations and expansion of offerings best to serve the needs of their clients and communities. 

Defining Services Related to Funeral and Cremation in Clemson, SC

If you are facing a time of immediate or upcoming funerary needs, it can be helpful to spend a little time learning what the different types of service styles entail. This knowledge can empower you to make the necessary decisions for laying your loved one to rest.

Full Funeral Services: Traditional-style full-scale funeral services can be comforting to many families with a sense of familiarity that can feel soothing during traumatic times. All of the full funeral services are built around the presence of the deceased remains for the ceremonies. Because of this, the casket will most likely be prominently displayed throughout the events.

A visitation time for sympathies to be expressed to the closest loved ones and to pay final respects to the deceased may be planned. These services are usually called a visitation, viewing, or funeral wake. The body may be presented for viewing, or the remains could be in a closed casket or shroud. Next, the funeral itself follows and allows for memories to be shared and offers comforting companionship with others who share in this loss. After the funeral services, the body will be taken for final disposition.

Other Funeral Style Services: Funerals can be as traditional or nontraditional as you might wish for. More streamlined services are possible with just a funeral service and no additional public meetings. A graveside burial service is also often categorized as a funeral with the deceased remains in attendance at the service. Funerals can support both religious and non-religious affiliations and lifestyles.

Memorial or Life Celebration Services: Unlike funerals, memorials are not held with the remains lying in repose at the service. Cremated remains can be part of this type of honoring event if that is wanted. Life Celebration services tend to be more centered on celebrating the life that has been lived. This could look like theming the service around a hobby or passion of the deceased. Some families use this celebration to participate in this type of hobby together while sharing memories of their deceased.

Cremation Services: If casketed burial is not a good fit for your situation, consider cremation. This process is respectful and humane and transforms the deceased remains into just a few pounds of ashes. This procedure involves incineration in a secure chamber and processing remaining tissues (bone fragments) into a granular form. Cremation is only performed by licensed individuals and for only one set of remains at a time. Therefore, it is workable to hold both a funeral and cremation in Clemson, SC, for the same person.

Peace of Mind is a Benefit of Preplanning for Future Service Needs

Future planning brings peace of mind to us now and later. As you take the time to arrange your final affairs, you can think about what it is that you want and how you would like to be remembered. After you pass, your family will also benefit from this peace of mind since they won’t be left guessing the best way to proceed with your care and honoring needs. It is also an option to prepay for these services, resulting in cost savings since you would pay today's prices for those future events. Most states require these funds to be held in a third-party trust to protect your investment.

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Whether you have immediate, upcoming, or far distant future needs with services like a funeral and cremation in Clemson, SC, you will want to work with the compassionate professionals at Davenport Funeral Home. Your family will appreciate your pre-planning efforts. The warmly welcoming facilities located at 311 S Highway 11, West Union, SC 29696 offer a comforting atmosphere for your family to gather. Please call (864) 638-3611 to learn more.