Experience the Difference

We invite you to discover who has made Davenport Funeral Home the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. This section contains the heritage, vision, and the people behind Davenport Funeral Home's reputation of quality, sincerity, and trust.

  • Staff


    Davenport Funeral Home has a team of dedicated, professional staff members who are committed to helping you in your time of need.

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  • History


    Davenport Funeral Home has been a fixture in Walhalla, SC, since 1949. The business was begun by the Davenport family and was housed in a landmark 1909 home on Main Street. The last of the Davenports passed away in 1991, and long time employee as well as equity partner, Larry Hendrix, stepped in to purchase the outstanding stock and become sole owner.

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  • Testimonials


    Our goal is to provide our client families with memorable remembrance experiences. Celebrations of their loved one's life, and the time they shared. So who should speak of our success? That's easy; those we've served. Our words are expected, while theirs genuinely share their feelings about our services.

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