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We are a compassionate funeral home offering funeral, memorial, cremation, and burial services in Walhalla, SC and nearby areas.  For over 70 years, Davenport Funeral Home has been the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. We have a team of dedicated, professional staff members who are committed to helping you in your time of need. Currently, eight of our staff members hold Certified Crematory Operator status to help serve our families who desire cremation.  

Our facility is designed to be unlike any funeral home you've ever seen; it's truly a one-of-a-kind place. We invite you to come in and see for yourself how we're revolutionizing the way you think about funeral service. Give us a call at 864-638-3611. 

Walhalla, SC Funeral Home And Cremations

If you are facing the need to hire the professional services of a funeral home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. This is especially true if you have an immediate, unexpected need and have never had to choose a firm for these services before. Selecting a full-service provider means you can have everything you need through one provider. They will handle and coordinate all services and products related to a funeral and cremation in Walhalla, SC.

You can also look into the experience level of the directors and staff and find out the history of ownership on an establishment to get a feel for how qualified the firm may be.  Working with an experienced provider is pretty important when it comes to final service arrangements. This is because there is not an opportunity to redo anything after your loved one has been laid to rest.

The professionals and staff at Davenport Funeral Home have been in the funerary business since the late 1940s. The firm was family-owned and operated by the Davenports for more than 40 years. In the early 1990s, the firm was bought out by a long-time employee and equity partner. It has remained locally owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix ever since. They have continued to build on the vision of compassion and professionalism that are so needed within this industry.

A Few Things to Know About Funeral and Cremation in Walhalla, SC

Designing services to lay a loved one to rest is a conversation that can be confusing if the terms are unfamiliar. However, there is lots of room to customize the different styles to make them unique and applicable for your situation.

Traditional or Non-traditional Funeral Service Options: Funeral services are built around the presence of the deceased’s remains. This could include the option to have a viewing before the honoring ceremony that is known as a funeral. The viewing could consist of the public display of the deceased remains. If this option is chosen, the body will need to be embalmed. This viewing opportunity can provide a layer of closure and acceptance to those who are surviving the loss of this individual.

The funeral itself offers a meeting to remember and honor the life that has been lived. After the ceremony, the deceased will be taken to the burial location. Alternatively, they may be cremated. This option allows for both a funeral and cremation in Walhalla, SC. Opportunities to have fewer events connected to the service are also possible. For example, some people choose to forgo additional events and hold the funeral as part of a graveside service.

Memorial Service Options: Unlike a funeral service, a memorial-style service is not centered around the casketed remains of the deceased. This can ease the timeline of final arrangements if that is needful. The body could be cared for via burial or cremation, with the memorial ceremony offered later. If cremated remains are available, they could be included in a memorial service.

Cremation Service Options: If casketed burial is not desired, cremation can provide a good alternative for body disposition. The body is placed in a lightweight hard-sided container in a cremation service and laid in the cremation chamber. Once the heat is turned to very high settings, the contents will quickly ignite into flames. After only a couple of hours, the burning is complete. All that remains in the chamber will be carefully collected and processed for a uniform texture. Cremation can be offered in connection with publicly provided services or not.  

Designing Death Care Services in Advance

It is also an option to plan for death care and related services and goods in advance.  In fact, this can be done years before they are needed. If prepayment of these goods and services is also completed, this can bring additional savings as you will pay today’s prices instead of the actual cost in the future. In addition, it is possible to transfer plans and funds to another funeral home if you move from the area at a later time.

Peace of mind comes when we settle our affairs and make plans where possible. It is a thoughtful gift you leave for your loved ones when you have selected and recorded your preferences for these final needs. Pre-need plans can be started in the privacy of your own home with our user-friendly planning tools available through our website.

Choose Competent and Caring Experience Today

When you select Davenport Funeral Home to care for your needs related to the topic of funeral and cremation in Walhalla, SC, you will find their expertise and caring delivery of services second to none. Our comforting atmosphere can be toured by appointment by calling (864) 638-3611. Come and see what makes us different at 311 S Highway 11, West Union, SC 29696.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. What is permanent memorialization?
    • A place where you can return for generations to come, a permanent memorial is something that will be around long after your loved ones are gone. There's an unlimited number of options in choosing how this land falls and what type suits them best - from gravestones or headstones all the way up through urns containing ashes instead. Learn more about permanent memorialization.
  2. Does VA pay for cremation of a veteran?
    • The VA provides burial benefits to eligible veterans to help cover the expense of cremation or a funeral. This means families must first pay for their own funerals and then submit requests along with receipts proving how much they have spent on it. Learn more about veteran's service.
  3. Why should I pre-plan my funeral?
    • Pre-planning is a matter of taking the time to think about and record your end-of-life desires. It’s a thoughtful gesture to those you love, and a way to let go of anxieties about the future. Once done, you can relax, knowing your plans are in the hands of reliable friends or family. Learn more about funeral pre-planning.