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Selecting the Perfect Provider for Funeral and Cremation in Westminster, SC

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Even if you haven’t needed to lay a close loved one to rest before, you can choose a highly rated and qualified provider for services surrounding a funeral and cremation in Westminster, SC. As an intelligent consumer, there are some things you can look for that will help you achieve this end. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Experience Wins: When it comes to a once-in-a-lifetime event, you are usually best served by the experts. First, look into the history of the company.  Find out how long it has been operating, who the current owners are, and how many years of experience they have within the funeral and cremation industry.
  • Simplify With a Full-Service Funeral Home: Choosing an establishment that can provide and coordinate all of the services you need can be a big help in a difficult time. A full-service provider will assist you with every aspect of the death care services you require. This means less lengthy paperwork, phone calls, and meetings for you throughout this process. That leaves you free to keep your focus where it needs to be: on grasping your new reality and supporting other grieving loved ones.
  • Read the Reviews: Let’s face it-- reviews aren’t necessarily foolproof, but they can be a valuable tool to learn more about the business you are considering. Bear in mind that extreme reviews on either the positive or negative side may not reflect the typical experience. Look for overall trends. If it is possible to ask your own network who they have used and liked in the area, this can also yield some helpful information.

Davenport Funeral Home serves the funerary needs related to funeral and cremation in Westminster, SC, and surrounding areas dating back more than 70 years now. The Davenport family carried on this tradition for 40+ years. At that time, in 1991, the firm was purchased by a longtime employee and equity partner whose name is Larry Hendrix. He has been the owner/operator since. Offering a full panel of death care services with caring competence, this funeral home has gained a reputation of excellence.

A Quick Look at Different Services Like Funeral and Cremation in Westminster, SC

You may already know exactly what types of death care services you are looking for. If you aren’t sure what you want yet, here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you decide:

What is a Funeral?

Funeral services are usually held soon after death. This is mainly because the body of the deceased is an integral part of a funeral service. You may have a funeral wake (visitation) before the ceremony if full funeral services are planned. These may include a public viewing or not. After the funeral service, the body will be taken for final disposition at a cemetery or memorial park. Conversely, if casket burial is not planned, the body may be transferred to a crematory for a cremation procedure.

What is a Memorial Service?

Memorial services are not held with the deceased body in attendance. Because of this, memorials tend to work well for those families who need more time to plan a service or gather together to honor their loved ones. This is also a solution if the deceased's body cannot be part of a service for any reason.

Are Cremation Services Best for me?

Cremation has grown substantially in popularity and frequency over the last few decades. The process of reducing the remains to just a few pounds of ashes is thought to be an ecologically prudent alternative to casket burial in many circles. It avoids the burial of toxic chemicals used in embalming and resolves the limited land for burial issues. In addition, many feel that cremation results in a more natural return to the elements than traditional casket burial.

Designating Pre-Need DeathCare Plans

If you are ahead of the game, there are some great options to make prior arrangements for future final arrangement needs. These plans could be very simple or more elaborate. Having them in place can bring a layer of security in knowing that your family will be able to honor your final wishes quickly. With pre-need plans, you can also select to prepay for services. This can represent significant cost savings if many years pass before your plans are needed. 

Support Yourself by Working the Highly Rated Davenport Funeral Home

If you need to make plans for a funeral and cremation in Westminster, SC, do yourself a favor and look at what Davenport Funeral Home can provide. They can help you with services for immediate, upcoming, or future needs. See their facilities located at 311 S Highway 11, West Union, SC 29696 by calling (864) 638-3611. Support and help await you at this highly rated death care provider.