Davenport Funeral Home has been a fixture in Walhalla, SC, since 1949. The business was begun by the Davenport family and was housed in a landmark 1909 home on Main Street. The last of the Davenports passed away in 1991, and long time employee as well as equity partner, Larry Hendrix, stepped in to purchase the outstanding stock and become sole owner. 

Upon Mr. Davenport's death, Larry and Carol Hendrix purchased the remaining shares and began thinking of a new building to serve their clientele. He purchased land nearby in the same year for this purpose. It was not until 1994 that he began planning the new facility. The result is a beautiful facility which opened in January 1996. Over 1,000 people toured the facility during their open house, and over 300 stayed for the chapel dedication. 

Davenport Funeral Home offers three large parlors for visitations, and the chapel is fixed for seating over 240 persons. 

In June of 2007 Davenport Funeral Home purchased the Seneca Mortuary/Seneca Funerals and Cremations, integrating the business into our facility, and returned the longtime business back into local ownership. In April of 2008, Davenport Funeral Home completed construction on its own "state of the art" cremation facility adjacent to our main building. Currently, eight of our staff members hold Certified Crematory Operator status to help serve our families who desire cremation.